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I'm emily

                                                     Ever loved a job so much you wanted to eat, sleep, and breathe it?!  Me either... until I fell hard for photography.  My photography journey started back in 2016, as I welcomed my first baby boy into my world.  I wanted to capture ALL. THE. MOMENTS.
You blink and they're these little people. You blink again and you're filling out college applications! You forget that they were once tiny humans with one curl longer than the rest, lighting up when you peeked out from behind your hands in a simple game of Peek-a-Boo. One day you wake up and they're saying, "No, I can do it" as they struggle (so adorably) to get each little leg correctly into their pants.  So as my heart grew a million sizes for my sweet baby boy, so did my love for photography.  And it's never stopped.

                                                              By day, you'll find me working hard & chasing after my 2 crazy boys, after I inhale my extra large tumbler of caramel coffee, of course. At night, I'm snuggled up next to my fireplace, watching a movie with my hubs.  I'm a sucker for nightly desserts & endless foot rubs.  My vacation spot? BEACH. ALWAYS.  If I could eat anything... seafood, fo sho... (while on vacation... at the beach.  But I'd settle for a good filet mignon... topped with seafood... with dessert after).  I'm a lover of ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS, from the smells, to the decorating, and the whole spirit of it all.  My celebrity husband is Justin Timberlake (going strong since 5th grade).  My celeb BFF is Kelly Clarkson. I'm a bubbly, extroverted perfectionist, who laughs (at myself) A LOT and likes to be goofy.

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                                                               I've enrolled in hundreds of hours of courses studiying Lighting, Composition, and Posing, along with Business & Marketing!  All so I can capture the most beautiful moments, while making you feel comfortable and confident!

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